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[APD] Re: BGA, antibiotics, and cloudy water

Thanks Scott and Tom for the advice.  At what levels should the N/P/K be
kept at?

I still get caught up in some of the literature which generally assumes
aquariums aren't planted tanks.  hence, "bga? get that phosphate out of
there!"  I have to remember that it is a different game with flora.  It's
the plants that do all the work in the end...just keep them happy. Besides,
I hate antibiotics anyway.
On a high note, I would say the BGA is gone, as the SAE has spent the last
three days sitting amongst the java moss (where the BGA was) eating all the
algae which had previously been a problem. Before, he wouldn't touch it
since it was mixed in with the BGA.  Now the java moss looks like java moss,
instead of fuzzy, hairy stringy green stuff.

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