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[APD] Re: Co2 tank question

Lot's of questions regarding the Co2 setup I got and
setups in general, so here's a little more info.  I
feel lucky for once to be able to offer a little
information instead of just receiving it!

The regulator I have ordered is indeed the JBJ
all-in-one for $69.99, on sale.  They also sell
Milwaukee, but I opted for the JBJ as it had a few
extra features.  I have read good things about both in
the archives.

>From what I have heard, there are all sorts of
procedures for filling Co2 tanks and it seems to
depend upon where you live.  The place I have lined
up, which I investigated in advance of purchasing the
tank, will refill my own tank, on the spot -- and it's
within 10 minutes of my house.  Can't beat that.  It's
approximately $14.00, which is more than some must
pay, but NYC is expensive.  

The bottom line for purchasing my own tank, though,
was this:  it was cheaper.  To buy a 10lb aluminum
tank online (including the shipping) was $89 plus $5
extra for shipping (since I purchased the regulator at
the same time and had to pay shipping for that
anyway).  I called the local fire exinguisher stores
and welding places and for a 10lb tank the average
price was $110 , plus 8.5% tax.

All in all, I think I got a good deal.  I could
probably have gone cheaper and bought a second hand
tank off of someone if I was willing to wait, or put
together the individual components of the regulator
myself.  As an inexperienced high-pressure user,
though, getting a regulator that's ready to go made

I have a 65 gallon with six guppies and shrimp in it. 
I'll be starting very slow with the Co2 to make sure
they stay well and happy.  I will no doubt be asking
questions about setup, even though instructions are
being sent to me.  There is nothing like a wise and
experienced think tank!

Of course, all this is theoretical, as I haven't yet
received my order or used this welding place.  When I
have received my order and made my first fill-up, I
will be happy to share my experiences -- things
usually never go exactly as planned, so it will be
interesting to see the result.  If you never hear from
me again, the tank probably blew and took me with it.


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