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Re: [APD] CO2 tank certification -- or - Cracking the code

Yep. Regulations vary from one jurisdiction to another. 

For the USA, under the text of the Title 49 of the Code of
Federal Regulations (which is the Title that deals with the
Department of Transportation), Subtitle 173.34, the 10 year
option is applicable only to tanks containing CO2 "used as
fire extinguishers."

There are various periods for retest for different tanks
depending on the gas contained, service pressure, whether
the tank is treated internally to resist corrosion, etc.,
the periods being 5, 10 or 12 years. But as best I can
understand it, it's five year between tests for non-fire
extinguisher CO2 tanks.

That's what the text appears to say -- undoubtedly an
attorney familiar with Title 49 may better interpret -- the
cross referencing is enough to drive most folks nutty. It's
also what the folks at the compressed gas supply store tell
me. They don't make much money for a half hour's testing so
I doubt they are trying to drum up extra test business.

The test takes about half an hour to perform including
calibration of the equipment. Once the equipment is set up
and calibrated, a test takes about 10 minutes -- so a
tester is going to prefer to do a bunch of tests one after
the other rather than on a walk-in basis.

--- Steve Pushak <teban at powersonic_bc.ca> wrote:

> I don't know how it works in the USA however here in BC
> at least, they
> tell me that a brand new tank will be certified for 10
> years whereas
> subsequent hydrostatic tests are only good for 5 years. .

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