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[APD] don't swap your NEW CO2 tank with the TEN YEAR certification!

Well if you read my previous post, you know that the certification for
your brand new tank is good for 10 years. Hydrostatic testing costs
about $30 or more depending where you get it done. If you swap for a
different tank, it can possibly have less time left on the certification
than you had with your old one. Of course, if you have an old tank
that's due to need retesting soon, swap 'er!

When you swap a tank, the very best you're going to get is 5 years left
of certification unless you're very lucky and snag some other fools new
tank that he swapped for an old clunker.

Some of those tanks have been around a while and look like it!

Check out my previous post about AirLiquide.

Steve P

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