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[APD] Re:Re: CO2 tank

>>So when someone owns their own tank (buys a nice one new) and never swaps
out and only has theirs refilled, how long does it take to have one
refilled? Is it a "while you wait" scenario or do you leave it and pick it
back up?<<

Those suppliers that I have delt with only fill their tanks once or twice a
week, very early in the morning, when I am still sleeping, and they are very
reluctant to fire up their system just to fill one tank.  When my tank runs
out, I want to be able to drive to the supplier that day, any day of the
week and pick up a new tank.  I do not want to have to get up at 5 in the
morning, or leave it with them and pick it up days later. That is what it is
like in my area.

But I have still heard no reason not to do a swap out!  Other than the fact
you want a nice shiny, new looking tank that is under your cabinet and never
seen anyway!  Like Scott said, shop around, compare, find a place to get a
refill and what their policies are BEFORE you decide to buy a C02 tank
online, particularly if you are considering 5 pound tanks or smaller. Many
welding suppliers do not swap anything smaller than 10 pounds, so if they do
not do refills, then you will be stuck with a 5 pound tank you can not get

Best regards

Robert Hudson

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