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[APD] Re: Re:Re: Co2 Tank

Shorter version is this: (Good info Scott, but the even shorter version is:)

Go to your yellow pages and look up gas/welding suppliers. Call each one and
ask them if they do actual refills or only swap outs, and ask them if they
will swap someone elses C02 tank that didn't come from them. I recommend
anyone doing this BEFORE buying a C02 tank online.

When I lived in San Jose California there were three Welding suppliers in
town.  All three would do only swap outs, and two of the three would not
accept a tank that wasn't bought from them. In Salem it appears to be the
same way.  If you buy a tank from a welding supplier. you can be sure it is
certified without even looking at the tank.

I bought a 20 pounder for 80 something dollars, filled. Now granted that was
5 or 6 years ago, but these things have generally been the same price for
over ten years.   I am sure availability and price differs from state to
state, city to city.

Robert Hudson

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