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[APD] RE: Plastabarr

>> Bolvak asks,
>> "Don't folks have plastic fish?"

>lol .... Do we have plastic Thomas Barr ?


Yes, they found one floating in FL:

They removed the white trash, but recycle would not take him.
I might make a "Bobble head Barr" version, it'll say "add more CO2" when it
comes to the surface of your tank 

Sad thing is, it would do more than those infernal algicides and snake oils.

I'm going for the plastic biotope:
Plastic fish, plastic plants and plastic tank.
Actually, plastic is made from oil, which is nothing more than really old
plants.................so it is still technically a plant tank.

Damn plastic plants are hard to grow though, easy to prune though, so there
are trade offs. 
Getting them really red is easy. 

Tom Barr

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