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[APD] Re:Re: Co2 Tank

>What I have found at aquariumplants.com, though, is
>the following:
>JBJ, all-in-one regulator with built in check valve
>and preset output pressure for $69.99 and a 10lb tank
>for $88.00 with $14.10 for shipping of both.
>The local supply store here will refill my own tank
>for about $15.00.

I think it is the Milwaukee they are selling...there was some mix up about
that, but either way it is a good deal. With the Milwaukee you do not get a
check valve or a fixed working pressure included. The JBJ also has a red
indicator light for the solenoid. JBJ has a six month warranty unless you
buy it from me. I add an additional six months.

If you have a local store that will refill C02 tanks without swapping it
out, you are lucky. I do not see any advantage to buying your own empty C02
tank which is why I do not sell them. IMHO it is pointless. Buy one filled
with gas local, save shipping charges, and be confident it has been
certified for safety. The cost of the tank WITH gas in many cases is cheaper
than buying one mail order anyway.

Best regards

Robert Hudson

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