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[APD] RE: radically different methods

> I think its worth noting that the way Tom B & I do planted aquariums are
> radically different.
> Steve

No, I use soil and peat etc. I do non CO2 tanks, I do marine tanks, I do
CO2 enriched tanks.I have non CO2 tanks with no algae. 
I used cables, I used RFUG's, I use flourite, I use silver back gorilla
I do not worry about bleaching everything like you and Paul. Those algae
are not an issue for me in the above tank methods.
That is the main difference that I can see. I know substrates inside and
out, upside down and right side up. 

The rates of loading, the 2 box model, the in/outs are different in a non
CO2 vs a CO2 enriched tank, the nutrient inputs, the rate of plant growth,
but there are many ways to get decent plant growth and with minmal algae.
Depends on how hard you want to work at it. We can force any method. 

Hard to beat non CO2 tank work(virtual neglect). The rate is slow enough to
have the plants get enough for the reduced grow rates from fish waste and
the little CO2 that is in the water. When we add CO2, these rates increase
and we therefore have to add other things besides fish alone to keep in
pace with plant growth. 
We can add nutrients to the substrate and to the water column, doesn't
matter too much where the nutrients are added, as long as it corresponds
well with plant growth rates/light. As you achieve higher growth
rates/light, plants become more dependent on the water column/inorganic
nutrients to sustain their growth.
adding low light+ CO2 can allow many different methods to work well.
The Marine algae tank took a lot of work. Some Riccia tanks with lots of
CO2 etc will takes lots of work.

I think our personal routines and past habits/successes play a huge role in
our personal methods. That is more important and a huge bias rather than
the method in and of itself. I am open about trying various methods to
determine their efficacy.

Personal tank habits I try to make simple, cheap and effective.I try to
figure out why the method works and then go about cutting things down and
making them simpler. What really works, and what doesn't. 
Tom Barr


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