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[APD] RE: Fertilizing a new tank(when to start)

Scott H. was discussing and questioning the nitrogen reduction activities of
anaerobes in the substrate.

>From my limited trials on FW (mostly but not entirely planted) plenums, I
never saw any ammonia or nitrite in the water column.  IME the establishment
of denitrification in the substrate is about the slowest part of
establishing a tank - I never saw detectable effects in nitrate reduction in
less than 4 months, so for me and my soil-free, largely organic-free
substrates that was not at all a new tank process.  When ammonia or nitrite
are produced in the substrate, there should be enough oxidizers (facultative
or aerobic) at higher levels of the substrate to oxidize any leakage before
it hits the water column.

I have no idea what the situation would be for soil substrates which were
not pre-soaked, or for other significant organic component substrates.
Those would be different ball games from my trials.

Robert Ricketts

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