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Re: [APD] Brown Alge bloom in tank

The clown loaches keep the common, ramshorn and trumpet snails in check. All of those snails came with the plants. I do plan on removing the apple snails to another tank with a higher PH and carbonate hardness. In the mean time the two clown loaches have no interest in them.
Thank you for the advise...

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Sorry I don't have any info on your algae bloom, but the clown loaches
and the apple snails together is just asking for trouble - especially
purple apple snails being rare, you don't want to lose them to a
fiesty loach. check out this link

clown loaches will attack any mollusc, that is what they eat in the
wild. That's just how they are designed. I'd recommend finding a
loach-free tank for your purple brigs :)


On Sat, 16 Oct 2004 12:26:36 -0400, "TMCunningham" <tmcunningham at patmedia_net> wrote:

The Ottos,  snails and amino shrimp seem to have no interest in the brown
algae. I have a total of 6 Ottos, six corydoras panda, two clown loaches,
one Bolivian ram, four young blue rams, four  young blue diamond discus,
four young red diamond discus, and twelve cardinal tetras. There are also
five amino shrimp and three purple apple snails in the tank as well.

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