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[APD] nutrients at start-up

One variable not mentioned or perhaps just not emphasized in this thread is
condition and prior home of the plants stocking the "new" tank set-up.
Personally I grow a limited selection of plants, those which historically
adapt well to my moderate to low light tanks and my rather casual and
non-intensive plant care.  Those plants, thinned or moved from others of my
tanks, are likely to be the backbone and largest plant mass in a "new" tank
set-up for me.  Even if top- and root-pruned, they do not pause for any
significant period.  The water, lighting, and care given (or not given as
the case may be) will be very much the same as in their former and
successful home.

True "new plants" from the LFS, other hobbyists, or mail-order, will quite
likely have some non-trivial adjustment time in my tanks - consider the case
for emerse-grown swords or fresh imports of Anubias.  A "new" set-up of
entirely such plants would no doubt need different handling or scheduling
than the simpler case of moves from other at-home tanks.


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