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Re: [APD] Re: Skunky Smell/Dust algea

Ah yes. With an undergravel filter -- and without them too
for that matter -- the substrate can become compacted and
harbor pockets of anerobic bacteria, giving off sulphorous
smell and other obnoxious scents.

scott H.
--- Lief Brittan Youngs <liefy at yahoo_com> wrote:

> I had a problem with my tank smelling like a skunk too a
> few years back. I never figured out what was causing the
> smell but I fixed it by using a bigger filter. At the
> time I had a ten gallon tank and was only using the
> undergravel filter. As soon as I switched to an Aquaclear
> 300 H.O.T. filter I the smell went away very quickly,
> less than a day.

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