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[APD] black (?) algae on plants

hey all,
a lot of my plants have some kind of black, or maybe very dark green
algae on them. Especially from before I had the good lighting (the new
growth has minimal algae on it) and also on a plant I suspect may be
marginal (it may be green hedge). I /think/ the pest snails are eating
it (not 100% sure) and the ottos don't seem to touch it (but boy did
they do a number on my brown algae back when I got them!) 

Anyone know what it is? it's like a very fine coating, no clumps or
texture really. Scrubs off live plant leaves (ie the dracaena I
removed lately) pretty easily with a toothbrush.  I don't mind it too
much but if it's going to give me trouble later I'd prefer to try to
get rid of as much as possible now.  Although it does mainly just seem
to be a problem on the old growth, and the non-aquatic plants that
have been in by mistake.


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