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[APD] Dust algae with skunky smell

Hello, just wondering if anyone knows what this is. I've had for a long time a green dust algae that grows along the glass of the tank, never been a real problem and easily dealt with by a brushing with a cleaning magnet every week or so. I've also had some minor hair (the super fast growing hairy ball clump stuff) algae in the tank but again no real problem (easy removal). But lately all the hair algae has gone but the green dust stuff has come in with a vengeance, it comes back daily and now has a very strong skunky (wet seaweed) smell. Not sure if it's a different variety of what I had before but it's extremely quick in coming back. Anyone else had this smelly stuff and know what it is and how to slow it down. Got a UV filter attached and that slows it down but I don't like running it 7/24.

I've got a 90gal heavily planted tank with DIY CO2 (which does give me the CO2 concentration target, 2 x 3L CO2 bottles changed alternate weeks :P) and a medium fish load. Dose with Nitrates and Phosphates every other day to keep good levels along with TMG. Haven't done any recent tank changes.
Might have been while I was away on vacation for a week but that was two months ago. I though the large building was just a weeks worth of dust accumilated due to no cleaning and less fertilization.. but it's been bad ever since. I don't mind some algae (from what I've seen it's harder with a good fish load to eradicate) and never went on a crusade to get rid of it all but this one is getting annoying.


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