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[APD] id please

sent this once but never saw it arrive so re-sending.
I picked up 3 plants at my lps from the "plant tank" and as usual no one knew what they were, and as I am no plant person I am at a loss to identify it.  I searchrd the whole Tropica  site and saw nothing that resembled it.  Are there ny other sites with pics I could try?  Also any books I could look for or request from my local library(isbn would be helpful)  Here is what I can tell you...
first has leaves that start out looking like a sword but then get MUCH bigger and "rippled", has a large , hard, brown onion shaped bulb on thebottom similar to the one on my Palm tree and the roots seem to come out through this.  Started off with leaves about 4-6" long, after a week they are now 12"+ and going strong and it has sent up 3 flower spikes each about 12' long.  
Second has smaller leaves with longer stems coming from a central "eye".  doesn't seem to be doing much yet but we will see.
Third are a little weird.  They were bound together with a lead weight and when unbound turned into single leaves some with roots some without.  They are tri-lobed with what I thought was a black algae coating but as it has not spread Iam rethinking that hypthesis.  Neat thing is the new plants seem to sprout off the larger leaf, they don't do well if rooted(the new ones) but grow just fine if left attached.  Roots are black not white and coarse as opposed ot fine.  
Any help is GREATLY appreciated, I ould like to know what they are if only so I can keep an eye out for them or any relations.

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