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Re: [APD] How much light is too much.

You probably have enough light now. What kind of
bulbs/ballasts are you running. More than 3 wpg is probably
too much unless you are taking special care to adapt. You
can add more light but you will need to add more nutrients
so that the plants can make use of it and then prune more
often to keep them from getting out of hand. Your tank will
probably need daily attention if you add much more light
than 3 wpg.

Scott H.
--- Matt Wassenhove <wass29 at qconline_com> wrote:

> How much light is too much?  I have a 90 gallon planted
> tank and am running
> 3W/gallon with pressurized CO2 and various fertilizers
> but am thinking I
> would like more light. In an effort to conserve money and
> achieve my end
> goal of beautiful plants I am wondering how much light is
> to much for my
> budget and my plants.  Example if I went out and
> purchased a canopy for my
> tank and installed some lights on the bottom of that I
> could in sense put as
> much light as I want.  However I am not made of money and
> would rather
> continue to slowly add lights if that is necessary.  I am
> aware that as
> light travels through more and more water it loses it
> intensity so at the
> gravel level 3W/Gallon is not as powerful as it is under
> the glass lid, but
> how much is to much.  If I have 6W/gallon will my fish
> that swim at the top
> of the water need sunblock and a umbrella just so I can
> have plants with a
> high light requirement in my tank.  I pose this question
> to you...
> Thanks in advance
> Wass
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