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[APD] How much light is too much.

How much light is too much?  I have a 90 gallon planted tank and am running
3W/gallon with pressurized CO2 and various fertilizers but am thinking I
would like more light. In an effort to conserve money and achieve my end
goal of beautiful plants I am wondering how much light is to much for my
budget and my plants.  Example if I went out and purchased a canopy for my
tank and installed some lights on the bottom of that I could in sense put as
much light as I want.  However I am not made of money and would rather
continue to slowly add lights if that is necessary.  I am aware that as
light travels through more and more water it loses it intensity so at the
gravel level 3W/Gallon is not as powerful as it is under the glass lid, but
how much is to much.  If I have 6W/gallon will my fish that swim at the top
of the water need sunblock and a umbrella just so I can have plants with a
high light requirement in my tank.  I pose this question to you...

Thanks in advance


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