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[APD] Eheim 2026 filter replacement ball

Thank you, Scott. I knew I could count on you to give me a good lead.

I also have another question. I let the canister filter go without cleaning the media for two months or so. I realized this when I saw that the ball was no longer floating. The somewhat sticky disintegrating ball was actually wedged between the ribs of the cage. When I put my hand on the top of the canister filter (the protruding priming part), I noticed that the pump was warm. After cleaning the filter media last night, I let it sit for an hour to let the pump cooled down some. This afternoon the pump is still slightly warm to the touch. The tank temperature is pretty high as well (86 degrees F). I have been using this Eheim filter for at least 3 years and the top of the priming section has never been warm before. The filter media has been cleaned regularly every month until this one mishap. Did I damage the pump?


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