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RE: [APD] Re: Your details

It's not this Scott anyhow. The virus appears to be an old
type of virus and my scanner gets updated every four hours.
The header points to someone far more mysterious and hard
to find than me.

A basic ploy of several viral buggers is to get onto a
computer, raid the email addresses from the local Outlook
or other phonebook and put those addresses, one at a time,
in the "FROM" field when it sends out scads of new viral
messages. The progeny issues in a pattern of patently false
paternity. The point of the ploy is to trick the naive
recipient into thinking the mail is coming from the address
on the "FROM" line so they will open the mail and thereby
have their local phonebook become the latest member of the
spoiled commmunity.

It's a reversal, so to speak, of messages that ask you to
click on some link in the message that supposedly takes you
to Ebay or Citibank, Paypal, etc. to safegaurd your
account. The link *looks* like a legit one but the actual
html code (and the actual destination) is a far less honest
place. Instead of picking up a virus, although that might
happen too, you might end up losing your credit card
identity or bank account identity, etc.

Newer forms of virus are more insidious than these -- keep
your computer protection up to date.

So far, no one has figured hout how to build a virus into a
plain text message with no attachments and that's why APD
only sends plain text messages and no attachemetns.

Scott H.
--- Erik Olson <erik at thekrib_com> wrote:

> On Wed, 6 Oct 2004, Bob Crosby wrote:
> > Dude, I think you're sending out a virus. Best check
> your system.
> Dude, it's probably NOT Scott. . .

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