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Re: [APD] RE: peat moss / ph

On Tue, 5 Oct 2004 17:22:04 -0700, "Steve Pushak"
<teban at powersonic_bc.ca> wrote:

>Your hard water is not the problem with the pH; hard water is good for
>growing plants. The plants will remove minerals from your water and this
>is why you will need to replace water on a regular basis.

ok - when I do a water change will I need to "pre soak" it with a bit
of peat? I usually end up changing 25%-50% of my 25gal tank every few
weeks and I'm concerned if I don't then the pH shift will shock my
fish. (as I said my tapwater is about 8.4)  If I do pre-soak should I
save the peat for the next soak also?   obviously I would need to find
the right amount & duration for soaking for my own setup. 

> The
>trick with using soil to get CO2 from decomposition is that you want to
>avoid strong lighting. 2 WPG is too high in those situations. If you
>have 2 WPG or higher, you need to supplement CO2 in my opinion.

I'm using flourish excel for co2, and since I got my new lights I've
had about 40 watts for my tank. (I am pretty sure from a volume
calculation that my tank is around 25 gal maybe a bit smaller - it's
not a standard sized tank at all, just something we picked up from a
pet shop going out of business, I believe it was one of their display

Thanks for your help :) 


ps - if I sounded despairing or frustrated in my last message, it was
on account of a weekend trip to my grandfathers and arriving pretty
tired - I should've waited to read and answer email until I had some
rest but oh well. :)

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