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Re: [APD] Re: low light and Anubias

Folks seem to have missed the point of my message, which is that the tank I am talking about is in a photographic darkroom. Except for a minute or two a day when I go in to feed the fry, and a couple hours once a week when I'm changing water in tanks, the room is *completely* dark, except for the 15w light. I believe that ambient light plays a larger role in how many "WPG" we have than people give it credit for.

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  A friend has a 10 gal with a 15w incad light, it's been in there for 8 years now and does fine, but grows very slow (1 leaf a year maybe) and not a smidge of algae.
  If you assume 5x less light from incads vs NO FL's, that's .333w/gal
  Tom Barr


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