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Re: [APD] re minimum light threshold

Yes, that's exactly how I interpreted your message. And I
grant that 1.5 wpg is watt I would call being on the low
side of lighting. And that factors other than light might
be impacting our results. But your example I think is a
good spanner tossed into the works. It might appear from
what's been observed so far that, if you switched to a
7watt bulb, at the same distance, your Anubias plants would
do fine. The same way a 7w bulb works for plants a few
inches away in 3/4 gallon tanks. It might appear that way
*unless* the distance between the plant and side panels
makes all the diff. Reflection and overshoot, which have
been suggested, could be parts of what might explain why
panel to plant distance is so important, if indeed it is.

It still seems to me there's a piece to the puzzle -- and
it's probably nothing more than that -- not yet fit into
place and the piece is not merely that x watts is a
threshold below which plants don't grow well. Well, at
least your example seems a worthy a counterexample to the
notion, anyway.

--- Rachel Sandage <rachelsor at hotmail_com> wrote:

> My point was that the anubias tank has *no* other
> lighting, and that 15w is just not enough light for a
> plant to grow, regardless of how close it is to the light
> (in this case, about 3" or less away).

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