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Re: [APD] Re: Minimum light

strikes me that with with smaller tanks the angle subtended to the reflector is correspondingly smaller so you get a lower % of the light emitted striking the bottom - as the arc over which the light is emitted extends beyond the tank and is wasted through missing the target and attenuated through internal reflection. With a larger tank a lower percent of light is wasted because the bottom is bigger but the light is not that much higher.

Another factor is water depth and water colouration, I find I have to raise plants in the 24" tank I have in order for them to live. I stick them into a bogwood arch about 12" from the surface and they do much better. The water is coloured with tannins etc from the bogwood and I have 480 watts of MV but they still need to go nearer the surface. Amazons will survive and a speckled red sword Echinodorus (red) Rubin, but Creeping Jenny and Pink Myacca have to be higher up to grow, star grass will not survive in there possibly because it is a bit warm 27c, or maybe a reaction to the hornwort I grow to keep the algae down (alleged allelopathy). Floating frogbit does OK.

Its not much to look at but here is a photo.


I am gradually finding plants that survive and filling it up, in the middle is mexican oak leaf. I cant seem to grow lots of plants close together like some growers as they just wither if they get into the shade so I go for the open gravel stream bed look ;). CO2 is added by a rudimentary upside down glass & tube sytem (MIG welder supply!) I use greenline aquatic plant fertilizer bags as this is the most effective but it has to be done right. The stuff that grow grows like mad, but the stuff that doesnt dies.


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