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Re: [APD] Re: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 14, Issue 2

Consider, e.g., these older APD posts and Roger Miller's



Re the stay in the tank indicators, my understanding is
that they are very slow to react and depend on testing
acidity much the same as the other tests. Perhaps even
exposure to the air, which affects kits like Hach's CO2
test kit.

--- Michi Henning <michi at zeroc_com> wrote:

> Out of interest, what's unreliable about the CO2 tests?
> I take it that you mean the permanent indicator tests
> that
> stay in the tank and change blue-green-yellow with
> increasing CO2? I wasn't aware that these are unreliable.
> In what way? Do they read low, or high (or sideways ;-) ?

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