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Re: [APD] peat moss / ph

CO2 doesn't have to be expensive. You can set up a Hagen
"Natural Plant System", which is just a container to use
for a yeast reactor and aplastic bubble ladder that give
the CO2 bubbles some time to be absorbed by the water
before they reach the water surface.

You can make you own reactor very easily from a plastic
water or sodapop bottle -- the web is full of examples and
plans and diagrams. Basically you glue a piece of rigid
airline tubing into the bottle cap. You can buy the
"ladder" as a separate item for about $10 from
Bigalsonline.com. Alternatively, you can run the CO2 line
into the intake of a canister filter and skip the "ladder".

Pour out most of the liquid from the reactor when the
bubble rate gets very slow and refill with prescribed
amount of sugar, baking soda and (optionally) protein
powder, and water. You won't have to add yeast except for
the first time. Takes about 5 minutes to refill and costs
very little. Not quite as cheap as compressed CO2 in the
long run -- depending on sugar and CO2 prices in your area
-- but much cheaper to set up. It can be done for a couple
of bucks, assuming you were going to drink a bottle of
water or sodapop anyhow ;-)

Scott H.
--- "Anna R. Dunster" <azzacanth at livejournal_com> wrote:

> co2 is not something I can afford to set up really.  I
> want to change
> my ph now, because it being so high (8.4) will make it
> hard to keep
> some fish happy - certain fish that I would like to get
> and haven't
> been able to yet. If I can adjust the ph to make a better
> environment
> for them I think they'll be better able to adapt to my
> tank and be
> happier in the long run (not to mention I think it would
> improve the
> fish in there already, although they seem pretty hardy
> and happy to
> begin with) 
> On Thu, 30 Sep 2004 22:13:16 -0700, Rex Grigg
> <rex at dsl-only_net>
> wrote:
> >CO2 will lower your pH and is much more controllable
> than peat moss.  Why 
> >after six months of what must be successful fish keeping
> do you want to 
> >start messing with your pH for?
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