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Re: [APD] peat moss / ph

co2 is not something I can afford to set up really.  I want to change
my ph now, because it being so high (8.4) will make it hard to keep
some fish happy - certain fish that I would like to get and haven't
been able to yet. If I can adjust the ph to make a better environment
for them I think they'll be better able to adapt to my tank and be
happier in the long run (not to mention I think it would improve the
fish in there already, although they seem pretty hardy and happy to
begin with) 

On Thu, 30 Sep 2004 22:13:16 -0700, Rex Grigg <rex at dsl-only_net>

>CO2 will lower your pH and is much more controllable than peat moss.  Why 
>after six months of what must be successful fish keeping do you want to 
>start messing with your pH for?

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