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Re: [APD] what are the best equipments for a fresh water fish aquarium with co2 injection system?

--- Amro Anwar <aanwar at ezdk_com> wrote:

> Hi all
> Can anyone advise me which are the best equipments I have
> to buy in order to set up an optimal fresh water fish
> aquariuim with intensive plants with about 100 gallons of
> water and hight of 50cms?

Search the archives -- there's tons of stuff. Cheapest is
to feed a yeast reactor output into a canister filter

> what is the best filter system , 

You can probably use whatever you've got. Well planted
tanks aren't fussy about filters. However, note that any
filter that causes a lot of air-water mixing will increase
the amount of CO2 shed from the water.

> have I use an air pump
> or a powerhead ? 

Air pump will cause the tank to shed CO2 without adding
much O2. Better for circulation and aeration is to use a
powerhead with the output below the water surface so that
it doesn't create too much surface turbulence and loss of
CO2. But a canister or power filter output can serve the
same purpose.

> can I use the compact florurecsent as a
> light source for my intensive planted aquarium with the
> ratio 2 watts/gallon

You bet! The straight tube types are very efficient, as
light bulbs go, while the twisted, curled, or multiple
pairs types are less efficient than the striaght tube type.
But they will work too -- jsut not as much light getting
into the tank as wtiht he straight tube types such as
AHSupply.com sells.

> And how can I keep a high co2 level in water 15-20 ppm
> and in the same time keep a high level of oxygen and
> areiation?

For one thing, the plants will be putting a lot of oxygen
in thewater. For another, you'll want good circulation so
that the CO2 enriched water makes its way to every plant,
and the circulation means also that water is brought to the
surface where, if depeleted of O2, it will pick up O2.

> I have read that the nutrification bacteria needs a ph
> between 7.5 to 8.5 and a rich oxygenated enviromentas an
> optimal enviroment  so how can I keep the suitable ph for
> bacteria although most fishes like ph to be between 6.8
> to 7.0?

The fish and plants aren't as fussy about pH as some might
have youe believe. There are exceptions for certain fish
and for breeding some fish, but generally, not a terrif

You can lower pH by adding Co2. YOu can raise pH by adding
carbonates or bicarbonates. Consider Geroge and Karla
Booth's excellent web site:


Select "Technical Brief: Carbon Dioxide" then select the
various titles offered there, including "What is a good KH
for a planted aquarium? "

Good luck, good fun,
Scott H.

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