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[APD] Chemists: Aluminum and the Freshwater Aquarium?

I want to add a cooling system to my tank and have devised a way to add a small aluminum 'radiator' and fan. The radiator is actually an all-aluminum transmission oil cooler from the local car parts store. My question is: How long can I expect it to last before corrosion will cause a leak? I'm willing to saw it in half after a year or so to look inside, but if it might last a while longer that would be nice to know. I keep the tank around neutral pH, GH and KH are average, if that makes a difference.



PS: Here are some very quiet PC fans, but they are DC. http://www.silenx.com/productcart/pc/viewCat_Z.asp?idCategory=3 Does anyone know where to find a quiet AC fan in the 120mm size?

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