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Re: [APD] MH lighting for 35 gallon tank

Icecap makes a really nice 70watt.  Take a look at this thread for more info.
Arcadia comes out with a nice 70w in a month.  I just started with MH.  Another thing to consider is that you can reduce the intensity by raising the pendant.  I don't have to much experience with MH, but next time I am going to try a 150W at 12" and see if its comparable to a 70W at 6".  I've also been reading about MH spot intensity and how that effects plants.  The plants in the center of the tank get more light then the ones on the edges.
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Message: 2
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2004 08:37:50 -0500
From: "Jim Seidman" 
Subject: [APD] MH lighting for 35 gallon tank

I have an All-Glass 35 gallon tall hex tank that I've been struggling to
light properly. The lid has a relatively small window that a fluorescent
light housing fits into. Even with retrofitting the bulbs, it still
provides very uneven lighting just because the window is so small.

I'm seriously considering taking the top off altogether and hanging a MH
pendant over the tank. I figure a single pendant will work will well if I
center it over the hex, which is roughly two feet from side to side. I'm
thinking of something that looks like this:

The problem is that I've having a hard time finding a pendant with an
appropriate wattage. The one at the link above is 175W, which seems awfully
excessive for a non-CO2 35 gallon tank. Something in the 70-100W range
seems about right, but I'm having a hard time finding anything in that

Is there a good supplier for the lower-wattage stuff? Or would I have to
resort to expensive DIY to get something appropriate?


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