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Re: [APD] two unidentified plants

There was something in the same store today labeled "mondo grass"
which was a much taller, darker and "waxier" looking plant.  But if
what I have is a type of mondo grass its not going to do very well in
my tank :(  

I was hoping for a micro-sword of some kind, a short plant that might
spread by runners and mom got what she could find. (I had a plant like
that a few years ago in my 10 gallon tank that was the only plant that
survived more than a month and it ended up covering most of the tank
before it too finally died... along with most of my fish... I wasn't a
very good tank keeper and didn't know enough to even realize I didn't
know anything) 


On Sun, 26 Sep 2004 11:40:58 +1000, Giles Alexander
<giles_a at home_netspeed.com.au> wrote:

>> 1. Cryptocoryne blassii
>> 2. Terrestrial plant
>Would number 2 be a mondo grass, perhaps?

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