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[APD] two unidentified plants

Hi all,

I have two plants that weren't identified at the store (one of them my
mom got for me).  I was wondering if you guys could help me out?
Anything you know about either of these plants would be helpful.

The first is an unidentified sword of some kind, which also has some
yellowing leaves - also are the yellowing leaves a problem, or would
that be relatively normal for a new plant?  (I've only had it a few


The second is a very short almost grasslike (almost) plant. It has a
bit of algae on it in the photo (for some reason since I got my last
set of plants I have been getting green algae which I never got
before.. but I also got a new lighting system so that could be it
too).  I don't know anything about this plant at all.   It's maybe 2
inches tall (if that). 


You can see my harlequin rasboras out of focus in the background here
:) and also a corner of my bronze wendtii I think.

Anyway I would like to do the best I can for these plants but first I
have to know what they are.  I've been doing some research but been
having a very hard time finding any websites with clear identification
characteristics for plants :/

Thanks for any help you guys can give.


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