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[APD] new here, and coppersafe

hi all,

I'm new to this list, although I've found your archives many times on
google searches (and today I realized, well instead of reading the
archives hoping someone answered my question, why don't I just join?)

Today I discovered ich in my 25 gal planted aquarium, on all four of
my new cardinal tetras. (I bought 6 but unfortunately 2 died from
stress)   My only other tank is a ten gallon set up with danios and a
large apple snail so I am stuck treating in my planted tank. 

My question is does anyone have experience with coppersafe and plants?
I read one post where a java fern never recovered after being treated
with coppersafe and since I need to move mine anyway I might take it
out while I am treating.   

My dad is on the way now to get some coppersafe while running other
errands since it's the only non-staining, tetra-safe product I've been
able to find. We live 60 miles from the nearest pet store so today is
my only chance in the next week to get anything.  (I have a bottle
here already of a malachite green product but from what I understand
that's about the harshest treatment there is for fish and plants
both).  However if someone has any other suggestions in time (though
knowing how lists work its unlikely ;) I can always call him and have
him get a different product.

Also I put some salt and melafix (to prevent secondary infection) in
today also. 

Anyway thanks for any experience you all can share :)

~Anna Dunster

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