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Re: [APD] rainwater and ph levels

You can adjust the pH to compensate for the addition of CO2
by using a carbonate or bicarbonate compound. Adding a
carbonate/bicarbonate will tend to move the pH higher while
the  CO@ tends to move it lower.

Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) dissolves readily and will
raise your KH but not your GH and buffer the pH. Or you can
use calcium carbonate, which will raise the KH and the GH
and buffer the pH.

How much if either to use? George and KArla Booth's
excellent web site explains:

Go to this page:

In the left column of choices, click on "Tech Brief: Carbon

Then click on "What is a good KH for a planted aquarium? "

In that Brief, they also explain how to use the pH/KH/CO2
table to determine the amount of CO2 that is in the water.

Roam the site, have fun,
Scott H.

--- Josh <jklewis at mercurymarauder_net> wrote:

> Hi im from Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii. The main
> question I have regards my ph level in my tap water. 
> Here in Hilo some of us (including myself) use a
> catchment tank for our household water source. 
> I have tested my water and found the ph level to be close
> to 6.0 or slightly lower. using a tetra test kit. 
> I have not set-up my planted tank yet, but this is what I
> have: 
> -55 Gal tank 
> -Coralife Freshwater CF (4x65W) 
> -Eheim canister filter 2217, aqua clear200 
> -Kitty litter substrate (works great), 4 bags of
> eco-complete planted substrate, and gravel 
> -CO2 
> I am afraid that with the added co2 my ph levels might
> drop too low, therefore being harmful to the plants and
> fish. What can I do to prevent this from occuring? 
> What additives if any do I need?

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