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[APD] rainwater and ph levels

Hi im from Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii. The main question I have regards my ph level in my tap water. 

Here in Hilo some of us (including myself) use a catchment tank for our household water source. 
I have tested my water and found the ph level to be close to 6.0 or slightly lower. using a tetra test kit. 

I have not set-up my planted tank yet, but this is what I have: 
-55 Gal tank 
-Coralife Freshwater CF (4x65W) 
-Eheim canister filter 2217, aqua clear200 
-Kitty litter substrate (works great), 4 bags of eco-complete planted substrate, and gravel 

I am afraid that with the added co2 my ph levels might drop too low, therefore being harmful to the plants and fish. What can I do to prevent this from occuring? 

What additives if any do I need?

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