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[APD] Re: Avoiding Fleas -- banning the bomb

There are flea killing formulas that contain flea birth control and can be mixed in a sprayer or is premixed in a spray can. Then you can treat the couch, the carpets, under the bed, the dusty corners and so on, but avoid the fish tank and the dinner dishes and kitchen surfaces. Be sure to flip the sofa cushions to get all of that well. This stuff prevents any new ones from hatching but you still have to deal with the live ones. You can use a drop treatment on the dog then all the fleas will jump on the cat, which they prefer anyhow.

Most (all) of the fleas that plague our pets are cat fleas, so if you get a flea comb and your cat will permit it, you can groom the cat, snagging the flea on the comb and flicking it into a cup of soapy water. Then watch it twist and turn as it slowly sinks to the bottom of the cup, dead, dead, dead. Your cat will feel well loved, groomed just like Mama used to do it. I found that all the fleas went to the cats chin and above the ears, only a few at the base of the tail, I suppose any other spot was within range of the cat's teeth so not a good resting site.

If the fleas are really terrible, it may be that something has died in the chimney. That happened to a friend. They treated the cat with one of those drop type treatments, so the fleas did not attack the cat but were a plague on any person who ventured into the house after the racoon was dead in the chimney and not good for lunch anymore. We were reinfested with fleas this way by visiting this friend, after 5 or 8 flealess years, but I was able to groom the cat and spray the furniture and get rid of them again.

I got the stuff from a pool and pest place that sells pool chemicals and pesticides of many sorts.

Ann Viverette

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We have dogs, cats, fish, and fleas. I'd like to use a "flea bomb" to kill the fleas in the furniture. Any suggestions of how to do this without killing the fish?


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