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Re: [APD] For Baltimore/DC folks: cool plants

Hey, Shireen, glad to see you on the list. :-)

Think she'll still have them in November? No? Maybe more?
The Aquarium Center in Randallstown can expect a lot of
visitors November 13; a lot of folks are signing up for the
AGA Field Trip. Be sure to tell Gloria to "Stock up!"

Scott H.

--- whimbrel at comcast_net wrote:

> This message is for the Maryland and DC people who get
> their plants at the Aquarium Center in Randallstown.
> Gloria just got some really cool plants in yesterday. I
> went to see them today, and was squealing like a kid in a
> candy store (it was so pathetic...)
> If you're interested, call Gloria at 410-521-4529 or get
> there in the next couple of days.
> Some highlights (in addition to her usual stock of
> plants): 
>   - Ludwigia ovalis
>   - Hygro salicifolia
>   - Hygro lacustris
>   - "long-leaf hygro" (looks superficially like the other
> two hygros except 
>       it's green and leaves are longer. Other two have
> red stems) 
>   - Lagaroisiphon madagascarensis  
>   - Cuban Ludwigia 
>   - Tonina spp.  
>   - Crypt albida  
>   - Anubias lancetola  
>   - Bolbitis heteroclita  
>   - Cabomba piauhyensis (gorgeous red color!)
>   - Nesaea pedicellata
>   - Potamageton persoliatus  
> Please excuse the spelling mistakes! 
> There was this mystery plant that superficially looks
> like Baby's Tears but has a pink tint to it. Gloria had
> forgotten the name, but said it was a Rotala species.
> Really pretty.
> Oh, and I took in some Narrow Leaf Java Fern for her too.
> And saw Lace Java there. 
> I bought a nice pile of plants to take home. Hope I can
> keep 'em alive.
> cheers,
>   shireen 
> P.S. Do me a favor, when you talk to Gloria, please scold
> her for not being on the internet yet. I've been hounding
> her about it for the past 2 years! 

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