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Re: [APD] OT Flea Bombs

Cover the tank top with thin plastic drop cloth (get it at paint stores,
Lowe's, etc) and seal up all openings with tape. If you have an open filter
system, turn it off and cover it with plastic and tape too. Wrap the sealed
up tank with more plastic sheeting. Assuming you have plants and light and
your tank's not overstocked, there should be enough oxygen supply for a day
or so.

Dan Dixon

It would also be possible to run an air pump and put it somewhere the flea bomb wasn't going to be, and just run some airline tubing to the tank. This way you can pump air into the tank from an uncontaminated area, and maintain a positive pressure under the plastic film to keep the contaminated air from entering (like how the asbestos people seal buildings for abatement, but on a much smaller scale, and backwards :-)


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