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[APD] Trace Elements to use in PMDD

I'm looking at mixing PMDD. I live in South Africa and do not have access to
Plantex CSM.
I have contacted Greg Watson about ordering some but the shipping costs are
quite high.

There is  local trace element product called TRELMIX which contains:
    Fe 22.6 g/kg
    Cu  3.2 g/kg
    Mn 2.9 g/kg
    Zn   2.4 g/kg
    B    1.1 g/kg
    Mo 0.3 g/kg
    Mg 0.3 g/kg

Will the Trelmix be fine ?

>From what I've read the exact  make-up of the trace element mix might not be
that important?
Was plantex CSM purely used because its readily available in the US or is
the exact make-up important ?

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