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Re: [APD] Re: Lighting

> Actually, you can and many have for years.

The fact that things have been done the same way for years does not
nececaraly make it any good. For years Marine Aquariast swore by
trickle filters only to realise that they're Nitrate factories and
that its easier to maintain a system with live rock and a deep sand

> Wpg works out pretty good for aquatic gardening purposes.

Why stick with an extremely unreliable methods of determining the
light requirements, just because some new method is not 100% accurate
?  PUR-effeciancy is surely far more accurate a far more reliable
measure. Yes if you believe that you need 2Watt/Gallon. I believe that
it would be possible to get the same level of growth with far less
electricity  by using high  PUR-effeciancy bulbs.

> If you hear someone say, "Turns out the reason I couldn't garden worth
> a tinker's dam is that I was using plain ol' shop lights
> from home depot," look into the gardening techiniques and
But it would be of great use to help successful aquatic gardeners not
to waste there money on excessive amounts of lighting.

> Some flo bulbs better than others? Sure. About all of them
> will work fairly well? You bet!
I agree.

Even if the initial work is not as accurate as we would like it to be,
the fact that the work is being done and discussed gets more people
interested. Which in the long run will lead to more accurate ways  of
calculating the light requirements.

Evo and Daniels calculations might convince someone to do comparitve
tests on bulbs using the same criteria and set-ups.

We all agree you can replace a 60 Halogen bulb with a 11 Watt Compact
florescent and get the same amount of visible light. On the same
reasoning we might be able to replace 48watt of Sera Plant Colour
tubes with 36Watt of  Sera Daylight tubes and achieve the same

I realise that I do not yet understand enough about the PAR values,
but 2 weeks ago I knew nothing of them. Today I know that the Osram
Biolux bulbs that I bought probably doesn't provide my plants with any
more light than a normal cool white bulb.  And that the aquarelle bulb
that I have is far better. And next time I buy a bulb instead of
guessing that one bulb is better then another I will have some data to
base my decision on.

Phillip Grobler
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