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[APD] Filters and burning beneficial elements ( sorry, long )

Hi All,
I think it has been 9 months since I last posted on the list, been lurking.
Last communication  was regarding : discus planted tanks,  a 20 year old
dream , done discus bare bottom(BB) before.
Been reading the list and followed advice. Bought me 6 young discus about 2
inch size and grew them out in BB tank( lots of messy food ) . They now
reach adulthood and have grown to an acceptable 5 inch( the runt didn't
make it , so I have 5 adults left )  . In the mean time my planted 100G has
been growing in stable. ( CO2, medium light, heating cable )
I like to add an additional filter for water clarity and general back up
for ammonia issues. ( after heavy clipping etc... ) I also need a sump to
hide the equipment, reduce top off , increase overall volume , etc....

I have build a large sealed sump with two passageways . Water comes
prefiltered from the overflow and enters the sump through a drip bioball
section, than through foam or other usual filtermedia for mechanical
polishing. The current and flow is rather strong in this passage. It will
surely act as an aerobic filter turning ammonia into nitrate. Then the
water goes to the return pump but some part of it will be split off to go
through a slow passage , large surface , I created in the sump. The idea of
this slow passage is to have some water going through a partially or fully
anaerobic cycle. ( as the filter gets ripe over time ) . Now my question. I
understand an aerobic filter easily oxidises beneficial traces for the
plants and also  colloids that benefit the fish.  Therefore the reasoning:
with a slow passage filter I may be able to produce some of the beneficial
elements like soluble  Iron etc... May be not at start up but after the
filter has ripened for a long time.
Does any of this make sense to the list?  Previously I have been running
almost filterless with great effects on the long term . But bioload was
nothing compared to what discus will be, I don't think I will ever have to
add nitrate again with these piggs.  I also found that as the tank aged(
reaching 2.5 year mark ) , it actually needed less traces( significant ) .
I guess those were produced somehow naturally. ( referring to Diana
Walstadt's book ). Would a slow filter possibly create similar conditions,
offsetting the fast oxidising filter pass a bit? In the end I still want my
plants to grow!
( I know I still need water changes etc... )

Any input would be appreciated, I did not find a lot of information on slow
passage filters, usually people use fast aerobic filters )

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