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[APD] RE: Too many plants??

Kevin Sheller has a 75 gallon tank, mostly with slow-growing plants and
10 large rainbowfish, 3 rosey barbs, 10 killifish, 2 golden algae
eaters, 2 SAEs and a partridge in a pear tree.

IMHO, too many fish for slow growing plants to keep up with the oxygen
demand. If you're going to use slow growers, you need to drastically
reduce the fish population. Alternatively increase water changes to
reduce the O2 demand of decaying feces in the bottom of the tank. Add
some super oxygenating plants like Cabomba or Myriophyllum. Turn the CO2
back on; that CO2 is where the oxygen is going to come from. Hang on for
the ride; those plants are going to grow like weeds.

When you see fish gasping at the surface, think oxygen. If you have too
much money, you can buy an oxygen test kit but I recommend you save your
money or send it to me instead. ;-)


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