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Re: [APD] Platies in a Planted Tank

I kept platies for a few years and I find that there
are a lot of low quality platies in the aquarium
trade.  There are a lot of diseased ones as well. 
Once you go through the initial die-off and get a
hardier assortment of disease-free individuals they're
great ina planted tank-breed like mad, too.  But it
seemed like every time I'd get a new platy form the
LFS, they had some kind of infection or something. 
All I can say if be patient, and once you do get a
healthy community, qaurrantine new platies
     They nibble on soft green algae all the time,

--- tomwood2 <tomwood2 at flash_net> wrote:

> In the ongoing quest for lower maintenance yet
> higher aesthetics in a planted tank, I tried a flock
> of colorful Platies. Reading that they prefer
> "slightly alkaline" I backed off on the CO2 until it
> was "slightly" above seven. Something's still wrong.
> While there have been a few spontaneous spawnings,
> very cute, there have also been a few spontaneous
> deaths, very tragic. Either these fish have been
> bred into colorful idiocy, or I'm just not the
> aquarist I imagined. All tank parameters within
> normal limits.
> Anyone else have luck with these fish in a high-tech
> planted tank? Any parameter in particular that seems
> to affect them more? 
> Thanks,
> TW

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