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Re: [APD] MTS graveyard

--- Mike Smith <chainsawmike at msn_com> wrote:
> The primary resident of this area is an Asian
> bumblebee cat. He is very rarely seen and in order
> to entice him into view, I must manually place
> bloodworms at the entrance of the alley because none
> find their way there on the current. He and his
> friends, a large group of various loaches, have
> apparently opened a resturaunt in this area
> specializing in escargo.

There's the magic word. Loaches.  Loaches LOVE snails.
 Many people buy loaches just to get rid of snails.  I
actually keep a 10 gallon tank with plants and MTS in
it just so I can feed my loaches a few snails now and

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