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[APD] Re: External reactor/Moonlight/Sleeping Guppies/Bacterial Bloom

Thanks to everyone who posted answers to all my

Even since yesterday I have a few new developments:

The milky water seemed a little better upon waking so
I'm just keeping my eye on it but not doing anything. 

Good point about the external reactor and DIY Co2.  I
think I'll just keep the DIY Co2 going into the Eheim
intake -- the noise has quieted down quite a bit but I
can still see the bubbles going up the intake.  More
importantly, my pH has started getting a little too
low, so I know the filter is working for this.  In
fact, I had to remove one of my two bottles.  I'll add
some more crushed coral this weekend.  The water here
is so soft the kh is almost 0 so I add it anyway.

I'm testing a new recipe that I got here a few weeks
ago...I'll let you all know how it goes in a few

As for moonlights, I'll keep my eyes out.  I'm just
looking for a second light fixture on ebay for cheap,
so if that option comes up I'll know it's ok.  As for
guppies, Mike is going to check his at night under the
moonlight.  I have observed that the males in my large
tank (which has many shrimp) float at night, while my
females in my small tank with only one small shrimp
sleep on the sand.  Gender or shrimp, I don't know but
we'll find out soon!

As always, thanks everyone for your good advice and


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