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[APD] Re: Moonlights

I have two 3/4 watt moonlights over my 55. None of the fish seem to notice
them at all. The nocturnal fish are visible (although colourless), and they
still come out with them on. The diurnal fish still migrate to the bottom
with them on.


> I've been seeing a lot reef light fixtures on ebay
> that have moonlights with them.  Would there be any
> negative in having moonlights on a non-reef aquarium?
> I thought it would be kind of nice to see the snails
> and shrimp at night.
> My biggest concern is that the fish won't get proper
> sleep.  I have guppies and at night I know that they
> lay on the bottom of the tank and sleep (when it's
> pitch black).  At twilight they are still swimming
> around.  Would moonlights prevent them from sleeping
> properly?  I don't want to stress my fish!
> Valerie

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