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Re: [APD] Re: Another external reactor question

The external reactor, if driven off of the Eheim will have
as much water pressure as the eheim develops, jsut a couple
of psi but enough to push water out and intothe CO2 tube
when the fermentation activity dies down towards then end
of a run.

If you are going to use a fermentation bottle for a CO2
source, your best bet is to set up an external reactor as
Tom Barr has done with ones he's designed -- use a small
powerhead as a source of water flow to the reactor and feed
the CO2 into the inlet of the powerhead. When fermentation
activity dies down, the waterflow will not be pushing water
into the CO2 line but trying to draw out of the CO2 line.

Of course, this might not be any quieter than feeding the
CO2 into the canister. But you can get by with a very small

Scott H.
--- NYCMags <heavensabvus1 at yahoo_com> wrote:

> Hmmmm...it has just occurred to me that those of you
> using external Co2 reactors might not be using DIY
> Co2.  If I hook up an inline external reactor, is the
> flow from the cannister filter going to fill up the
> soda bottles with water?  If there is currently any
> Co2 leakage from those bottles, will the water
> pressure push out the Co2 and start leaking from them?
>  Will it make a difference whether the soda bottle is
> at the beginning or end of its production cycle, when
> the pressure is nil?  I do have a check valve but am
> not sure that they are foolproof.
> Valerie
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