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[APD] Re: Water color & DIY Co2 into canister

The setup of my new tank is progressing well, but I've
come across a couple of things that I am wondering

1)  I've noticed that my water is not as clear as it
used to be on my old tank, especially when looking
from end to end.  It's almost as if there is a very
slight milky look to it.  The only two differences
have been using flourite instead of regular gravel and
adding more light.  Yesterday, I switched out my
Aquaclear for a Eheim 2026 and thought that might make
a difference but it didn't.  I'm wondering if there is
actually a difference in the water or this is how a
tank looks with extremely bright light (my other tank
was low light)?  Any ideas?

2)  I went with an Eheim 2026 canister filter for my
tank and have routed the DIY Co2 into the intake. 
I've been having a hard time finding a good spot for
the spray bar that doesn't blow the plants all over. 
I found one position but it eliminated all surface
movement whatsoever.  Would that be bad not to have
any movement up there?  Also, I am getting some very
fine bubbles come out of the spray bar...does this
mean that the Co2 is not fully dissolving?

In any case, I was fortunate enough to find an
immediate buyer for my old aquarium, filter and light
strip, so I am now in the position to set up an
external reactor, to eliminate the little bit of
filter noise from the Co2 going into the cannister.

BTW, Big Al's is selling the 2026 right now for
$149.99, including all media.  I couldn't resist at
that price.


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