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[APD] AGA Convention - Getting There

This may be no surprise to travel savvy members, but I was pleasantly
surprised when I made flight reservations to Washington for my wife and
myself for the AGA Convention, November 11th.  We live in Cambridge, MA, and
fly out of Boston.  When I checked on flights to Reagan (formerly National)
Airport (near the hotel), the lowest round trip fare was $222 each.  Then, a
few days later, I must have accidently neglected to specify Reagan, so
Orbitz or Expedia or whatever I was using, came up with $111 each -- to
Dulles Airport.  For the difference, we could probably hire a limo to take
us to the hotel!  (Actually, there's an airport bus that connects to the
Metro, which takes you to Crystal City.)

Then, today, I was trying out a new travel search engine called Kayak.
Unlike the others, this searches for all the airlines, including those which
don't list themselves with Orbitz, Expedia, etc.  Kayak came up with flights
on Independence Air for only $97 to Dulles.  Then I noticed on the
Independence site itself, that you could sign up for a free membership, and
they would give you a welcome gift of $25 off each ticket.  So I went back
to the beginning and joined, and sure enough, when I booked the flight, it
was only $72 each, round trip, including all taxes!  I guess it pays to shop
around.  See you in Washington.

John T. Fitch
Web: www.fitchfamily.com/aquarium.html

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