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Re: [APD] RE: Mylar & reflectors

I just rebuilt the reflector I posted last month as I was unhappy with the fittings and placement.
This time I obtained some 'quality' (I think it's made by DuPont) polyester mylar film from a local hyrdoponics supplier (why are hydroponic suppliers always cash only? :-)
The metallic layer seems to be inside of the film
This stuff is truly amazing stuff. For such a thin film it is so 'bright' and amazingly opaque. Even with 120 watts of compact flouros in the hood the translucent white plastic does not even glow. It also seems much cooler to touch.

In the second shot you can see the glow where I did not stick the mylar down properly on some of the edges.
I found it a bit hard to work with. I used contact adhesive to sick it down. I sort of got the hang of doing it will as I did it.

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